Home Performance Improvements

Atlas is a Home Performance with Energy Star participating company that provides professional building upgrade measures and rebate qualification. The Atlas team includes dependable and experienced professionals that provide comprehensive and cost effective strategies to maximize energy efficiency and energy cost savings.

Upgrading and improving any of the following can greatly improve energy efficiency in your home or building:

Attic Insulation is designed to serve as a thermal barrier that separates a home’s indoor living area from the attic space. Homes that have inadequate insulation heat up rapidly during the summer and cool down rapidly during the winter. We evaluate existing insulation and make necessary upgrades to improve energy efficiency.

Heating & Cooling Air Duct Systems provide airflow throughout the home, and leakage in the system is a common cause of higher energy bills, discomfort, and poor air quality. We use specialized diagnostic equipment to detect leakage and make necessary upgrades for improved energy efficiency.

Windows and Window Shading provide some relief from the hot Texas sun, but when shining through some windows it can result in significant increases in energy bills and discomfort. We provide multiple solutions for addressing this common challenge. We offer upgrades related to windows, skylights, solar screens, solar film, awnings, and other solar improvements.

Air Infiltration is when outdoor air enters into the home through holes, cracks, doors and other entry points. Our services include evaluating existing air infiltration conditions and providing upgrades to improve energy efficiency.

Get Started Now

Give us a call today and we will provide you with an estimate for home performance improvements along with a complimentary Energy Analysis for property owners that are Austin Energy customers. This basic analysis is a wise first step in evaluating the energy efficiency of your property and qualifying for available rebates. The Energy Analysis includes a visual inspection of the following:

  • Windows & Window Shading
  • Attic Insulation
  • Heating & Cooling Air Duct Systems
  • Visual Air Infiltration Inspection

Applies to residential and multi family properties