Building Science Series

Atlas Efficiency Solutions, LLC is a complete resource center for professionals in the energy efficiency field. Our training program, Atlas Academy, is designed to be a continuing resource for energy efficiency professionals at varying levels of professional development. Our programs are offered exclusively through our strategic partner relationships with companies, government agencies, and institutions of higher learning.

Building Analyst Professional

A comprehensive study of the building as a system, including an overview of Principals of Energy, the Building Shell, Air Leakage, Insulation, Windows and Doors, Heating and Cooling, Health and Safety, Energy Auditing and Energy Efficient Appliances. This Core Program prepares students to obtain a Building Analyst certification from the Building Performance Institute. 40 hrs.

Preparing for WAP (Weatherization Assistance Program)

This class is open for sub-recipients of the government’s WAP program only. This class can make immediate and measurable impact on your results as you ramp up for the program as you learn specific software applications, work flow and library setup. The US Department of Energy requires WAP audits be conducted using their software, commonly referred to as NEA/MHEA . This course provides hands on Assessor Field training on how to properly conduct an assessment and practical instruction on the use of the NEAT/MHEA software. 32 hrs.

2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)

A comprehensive overview of the Residential Requirements of the 2009 IECC, addressing the design of energy efficient building envelopes and installation of energy efficient mechanical lighting and power systems in conjunction with federal requirements emphasizing performance. This Core Program prepares students to obtain IECC Certification. 8 hrs.

Advanced Building Leakage Diagnostics

An in-depth study of the practical applications of current building leakage diagnostic equipment including the Duct Blaster, Blower Door, Manometer, Infrared Scanner, Pressure Pan, Flow Hood, and Static Pressure Gauge to maximize energy efficiency. The course expands upon diagnostic techniques introduced in the Building Analyst Professional course. 8 hrs.

Advanced Weatherization Techniques

A comprehensive study of the practical applications of current building weatherization echniques as related to insulation, duct sealing, and building infiltration sealing to maximize energy efficiency. The course expands upon weatherization techniques introduced in Building Analyst Professional. 8 hrs.

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