Sustainable Investing Series

Through its partnership with The Center for Investment Research, Atlas is presenting its Sustainable Investing Series on picking winning stocks to profit in the emerging green revolution.

Don’t you wish you had invested in Microsoft twenty years ago? Personal computers changed the way we all work and early investors in Microsoft are all retired millionaires. What if you’d bought Cisco in 1995?

The internet and firms changed the way we get information and Cisco’s stock led the way. Now the Green Revolution will change the way we power our world. The Green Revolution is really an energy revolution. Oil, gas and coal will become energy sources
discussed in history books along with waterwheels and oxen. Renewables such as wind, solar and biofuels are the energy sources of the future. So what stocks should you buy now to be part of the next great investment boom?

Our introductory class examines the new energy technologies that are emerging in today’s world. It combines up-to-date information with time-tested investment techniques to show you how to profit. Topics include the future of the energy industry, an in-depth look at new energy sources, techniques on finding new energy companies and investment analysis of explosive growth stocks.

The advanced class examines actual companies that are bringing new and innovative energy technologies to the market. You will learn techniques to evaluate these companies and help you differentiate the next Microsoft and Cisco from the next Commodore and eToys.

Topics include learning from past boom mistakes, the behavior of investors in a bull market and analysis of actual wind, solar and biofuel companies.

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